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2017 Schedule Below.

The Indie Gathering will be hosting the 2nd United Latino film Festival
Aug. 10th and 11th in separate screening rooms
Check the schedule here

The Indie Gathering
Thursday, August 10th

Screening room A

Time and Name


It Was Nice to Meet You
Foreign Drama Short

'No Minho' is a South Korean guy who works at the branch office in Shanghai, China. One day he visits North Korean restaurant, where he falls in love with one of the North Korean waitress 'Chu Lihye'. As a result of all his efforts, she finally opens her heart to him as well. But some people who attempt to use their relationship in a political way show up.

People At Night
Student Drama Short

Unable to bear the world around him, John descends into the London night in an attempt to prove to himself that he still has some kind of agency over his life. In doing so he is forced to confront his potential to cause harm to those around him. *Mature*

Drama Feature

Treasure is an experiment to see how far human connection can carry a film.
Erica and her father are still reeling from the loss of her mother to cancer. All she wants to do is drown the pain in drugs and alcohol.
After a night of binge drinking and drugs, she runs off the road and is taken to the hospital.
She avoids jail time by doing community service at a soup kitchen. She hates it but comes into contact with a whole new world of people.

Cleveland Growing Strong
Documentary Feature

"Since the 1950's, Cleveland has lost over half of its resident population. Media portrayals of abandoned lots and crumbling buildings, however, often fail to depict the resilience of those who remain. A showcase of the city's tenacity, hundreds of urban farms and gardens scattered throughout Cleveland provide sources of renewal, hope, and nourishment for their surrounding neighborhoods. Prepare to be inspired as we take you on a journey into the hidden worlds of Cleveland's gardens and introduce you to some of the elders, young people, refugees, formerly incarcerated, veterans, entrepreneurs, urban planners, and civic-minded neighbors cultivating the city's rebirth.”

TV Pilot

Perpetual runner-up Miss Sydney B takes her final stab at the Miss Green Mountain Queen pageant before aging out. Will her Tots in Training sales force, 10-year-old sidekick Scout, and Daddy’s coaching win her the crown? Or, will she slap on another fake smile when her nemesis Cheyenne wins, like always?

Beneath the Lake
Experimental Short

A strange girl emerges from beneath a lake and explores the empty world around her searching for her place.

Crime Drama Feature

A rogue FBI agent from the 1940's is pursued by gangsters into present day.

Friday, August 11th

Screening room A

Time and Name


Foreign Drama Feature

She returns home to attend her sister's funeral 10 years after she moved to Tokyo to become an actress, but her relatives question Eriko's pretend life as a successful actress.

Web Episode

In the small misty New England seaport of Mystic, Connecticut, everyone knows everyone. It was a peaceful and quiet community until Bridget Ashling was brutally beaten, murdered, and then set out to sail burning in a boat. The town is confused and everyone is talking, yet no one can grasp why anyone would hurt Bridget. Aidan, Bridget’s only child and simply a teenager, is disturbed and traumatized as she rocks back and forth in a hospital chair brainwashed by the event. Suspects are found throughout the whole town from the rugged fisherman, to a psychic medium, the crooked town politician, and even the town’s arrogant millionaire, as they all share a connection with the Ashling family. In truth, everyone in Mystic could be accused and no one should be trusted to tell. As more secrets are shared, the Mystic mystery remains until its day of absolute reckoning when it's revealed, “Who killed Bridget Ashling?” *Mature*

Drama Shorts Block

-Faded Image
Returning to a pivotal moment of his adolescence, a man confronts the negative connotations that have subverted his identity. Through the prism of time, and the wisdom he’s gained in the years hence, he offers hope as to what the future might hold if only we can find the will, determination, and support to persevere through the darkest of times. But is it too late for him?

As summer draws to a close, a young trans girl finds freedom in a secret midnight swim.

-Time is the Longest Distance
Time is the Longest Distance conveys the importance of family love and acceptance through the story of three generations of men: thirty-something Adam, his aging father Jack, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and Xander, a teenaged boy who serendipitously crosses their path.  Adam arrives at his father’s nursing home to share news of a major change in his life, hoping to bridge the distance that has opened up between them before Jack’s Alzheimer’s becomes too advanced.  While things do not go as planned, Jack’s chance encounter with Xander provides Adam with an unexpected way to find the acceptance he seeks.

A massage therapist touches people with her heart as she's loses the ability to touch them physically.

Need or Greed
Crime-Drama Short

Need or Greed is a tale of rivalry, betrayal, family, friendship and fear of the unknown. Experience the harsh reality of living life on the wrong side of the law as two local gangsters with opposing styles who are both friends and rivals seek approval from The Old Man.

Torn City
Drama Feature

In a city torn apart by corruption an unlikely series of events unfolds when a union representative submits to a higher power setting into motion a struggle for survival between an unwavering idealist, a cowardly gambler, and a man intent on learning the truth. Unemployed and down on his luck, Dante begins to question the wrong people leading him down a dark path of reluctant involvement with Sarah, an undaunted school teacher pushing back against city hall. Caught in the middle is Bill, a man attempting to game the system and profit from the chaos but a desperate debtor named Nate could hold the key to changing all of their fates.

Screening room B

Time and Name


In Production
Comedy Feature

A coming of age story follows Vinny, a young innocent 21 year old boy who wants to be a film maker. He joins a group of guy who are making a short film in Cleveland. As he starts working with them he realizes that he is way over his head. The guys are complete psychopaths who will stop at nothing to finish their film. A dark comedy filled with, drugs sex and violence will have you laughing hysterically. *Mature*

Reality Disorder
TV Pilot

Nikki and Gerard, two struggling independent television producers in New York City, are desperate for a hit series. After a promising meeting with a network, they set off to make a reality show with Gerard's rich playboy cousin.

Foreign Drama Short

A teenage boy with suspected self-harm behavior is allowed to use the school auditorium alone to record a video but after strange events and threats he has to gain control of both his mind and own destiny.

Je m'appelle Leigh
Drama Short

Leigh has arrived from Paris as a classically trained film actor yet is finding difficulty securing the dramatic roles that she studied for. Forced into prostitution the dreams of her youth have become a far distant memory.

Suspense-Thriller Short

A willful young man embarks on a hunting trip for the
attention of his strict father, while dealing with the demons of his
deceased mentally-ill brother.

Sci-Fi Short

A poor, interracial family lives at the border of the wealthy city they used to be a part of. Barely surviving on their own, in the only house within hundreds of miles, they are confronted by the authorities of the new government and given significantly bad news. With 24 hours in which to make a decision, they are faced once again with the reality of their situation. With nowhere to go, and no one to turn to, a choice must be made. But some choices carry a weight which may be too heavy to bear.

Whoever Was Using This Bed
Drama Short

A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires. Based on a story by Raymond Carver (Birdman), WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED is a multi-award winning short psychological drama starring Jean-Marc Barr (The Big Blue), Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire) and Jane Birkin (Blow Up).

Experimental Short

A working class, married couple are coerced and locked in their own home by a soldier in order to be routinely questioned, but as they move through this strange and absurd circumstance, James and Mary are tricked into admitting guilt for living their daily routine, and as a result, it is the soldier’s job, duty, and responsibility to make sure that these blue collar workers are eliminated because of their class in life and as a result of new government laws. What price will be paid for attempting to live the American dream in the shadows of a corrupt power?

There's More Than One Way to Skin a Man
Experimental Short

Up is down, and inside turns out:  Who are these men that embody and fuel our collective existential upheaval?  Are they heroes, anti-heroes, villains?  Or something else altogether?  This award-winning experimental work, created by intermixing original cinematography and archival film along with contemporary found footage, draws viewers into these questions.

Gimme Head: The Tale of the Cuyahoga Valley Bigfoot
Horror-Comedy Short

A monster rampages across the Cuyahoga River Valley, decapitating the hikers and campers it finds in its path. Can anyone stop the Bigfoot? *Mature*

Short Drama

Six individuals from two unique dysfunctional families are each represented by a different color in this complexly interlinked drama about love, loss, and meaning.

Saturday, August 12th

Screening room A

Time and Name


It's About Love
Drama-Comedy Feature

A filmmaker goes searching for the secret of love, and instead meets Rick, Jane, Peter, Manna and a host of other oddballs. We catch a glimpse into these damaged souls as their romantic destinies become intertwined while spending time in their favorite city park.

Animation Short

A young mare visits Cyprus to take part in races. Frustrated from failure, she abandons the racetrack after confronting her strict father. The mare will meet new friends who will try to help her find her lost courage.

Drama Short

"A homeless man struggling to survive on the streets of London finds his world is changed forever when he meets a young troubled runaway with a dark past."

Student Film Block

-Turn Blue, Drama Short
Turn Blue is a short film about a young foreign couples struggle to maintain their legal status in the US. However, their best friends swoop in at the perfect moment with a plan to keep them in the country. It may work, but it will require a severe change in their lifestyle, that could change their relationships forever.

-Cartoon Book, Drama Short
A boy who against the teacher under the severe rules for his freedom to read and draw cartoons, but he feels hard to choose the desire or moral when the teacher bribes him to be her spy who need to betray her friends.

-Emily, Documentary
A documentary covering the death of a young mother who was murdered by her estranged husband in front of her twin-six-month old daughters.

The Last Beautiful Girl
Romantic-Comedy Feature

When Jason falls in love with Jules, he falls hard. But when things start to fall apart, Jason finds letting go to be easier said than done.

And the Moon Stands Still
Animation Short

The presence of the moon affects all under its glow. The film explores the lunar cycle and the energies invoked by its radiance.

Shout at the Ground
Comedy Short

Trapped in a speeding van, a Kiwi rock band succumb to travel sickness while deconstructing the heist that robbed them of an entire weekend's door take.

Micro Film Block

-New York 2150, Trailer
Intergalactic bounty hunter Jayden Jaxon partners with ex-cop Mac Cole to track down a psychotic killer for a generous fee. When their search brings Jayden back to his hometown, the ghosts of his past haunt every corner of New Manhattan.

-Mondays, Crime Drama
Stockbrokers Mickey and Jonny have been up to no good. So when they meet to discuss the implications of their shady practices, they’re soon turning that duplicitous behavior on each other.

-A Magician, Drama
After witnessing a man behave violently towards his girlfriend, someone decides to intervene.

-4 to 5, Family
On the eve of his 5th birthday, a young boy discusses his last day of being 4.

-If I Should Die, Trailer
Brian Edwards has his career, home life and reputation torn apart as he surrenders to the aggressive advances of the teenage Christian Egan. The outcome of their affair nearly costs them their lives.

-Mom Jail, Comedy
The charges: re-posting the wrong articles on facebook, getting to daycare late, being unable to make dinner. The sentence? Mom Jail.

-How to Rob a House, Horror-Comedy
Two thieves get a tip on a house that they can't pass up.
But they get confused on the details and when they arrive for the job, the homeowner is there. Even their plan to get out of the house fails and they are left to the mercy of the mysterious homeowner.

-Endangered!!, Comedy
A spoofumentary with voice over by comedy legend John Byner. A rare, endangered fish, recently discovered in the waters off Grand Cayman, valiantly searches for a mate.

-The Stranger, Suspense
A woman has just moved into a beautiful yet un-renovated home in Westchester county in New York state.  A knock on the door reveals a young woman dressed only in a man's white dress shirt.  She begins a tale of absolute terror and her hands are splotched with blood.
What happens next is our story.

-Letters to Daniel: Awareness, Drama

-Shucks for Schmuck, Comedy
A man wakes up to realize his life may have changed forever.

-The Nobodies, Experimental

-Dimension, Experimental

-Just a Tic, Comedy
A repairman has a theory about the downside of energy-generating windmills and his final moments amongst a field of windmills provide a cautionary tale.

-48 Hour Film Project: Cleveland, winner

-48 Hour Film Project: Cleveland, runner-up

Interior Night
Drama-Comedy Feature

Conrad can't commit - and after a four-year engagement, Esther is fed up. In a moment of weakness, she sleeps with his best friend, Eddie. And now her period is late. Conrad's ex-girlfriend, Charlotte, shows up to "support" Esther with a pregnancy test, while Conrad confronts Eddie about his affair. Eddie deflates Conrad's selfrighteousness by threatening to reveal a secret he's been keeping for years to protect him. Over the course of the night, webs of deceit and denial unravel, and with the dawn, their secrets reveal their fragile but real connections to each other.

Suspense-Thriller Feature

A neuroscientist developing a cure for sociopathic behavior must outwit one of her research subjects before she becomes his next victim.

TV Pilot

This independent pilot episode follows the parallel stories of Steve (an inexperienced bar owner) and Mark (a fresh out of rehab ne'er-do-well) as they just try to make it through the day. Shot in Tuolumne, California and Los Angeles- this is the story of two friends struggling with a huge wedge that has driven them apart.

Falling South

Drama Short

Charlotte puts Rochester in the rear view as she runs away from her husband. She has never been on her own and doesn't know if she'll make it as her resources are stripped away. She meets diverse women who offer connection, insight, and laughter on the road to Florida and a possible new life.

Clever Girl
Web Episode

The story of a desperate writer's participation in her lover's brutal pastime, and the ripple effect their dark secret has on the troubled lives of besieged detectives and voyeuristic neighbors.

Foreign TV Pilot

The year 1829. Nikolay Gogol, a young Third Section clerk, is desperate: his own books seem shallow and mediocre, so he keeps buying entire print runs just to burn them all. He is suffering from violent epileptic seizures and struggles to keep on working. Investigator Yakov Guro accidentally witnesses one such fit and realizes that Gogol’s visions contain clues that could help solve actual crimes. Together, Gogol and Guro take on a particularly weird and baffling case that brings them to a small village of Dikanka, where everyone has a huge secret to hide. *Mature*

Screening room B

Time and Name


The Children of the Noon
Foreign Documentary Feature

The Children of the Noon deals with the universal subject of life.

There are Jews Here
Documentary Feature

There Are Jews Here is a documentary film about small Jewish communities around the United States struggling to survive.

The 30th of May
Student Documentary Short

This film is a story of African American tradition, patriotism and empowerment in the Deep South. Since the end of the Civil War, African Americans in Vidalia, La., and Natchez, Ms. have come together to celebrate black military service on Memorial Day. For 100 of those years, there were two Memorial Day celebrations in the same city of Natchez---one black and one white. By the mid-1990's, the white celebration faded away, while the black celebration known as the "30th of May" continued to march on.

Black Gold: Trail to Standing Rock
Documentary Short

An explosive behind the scenes look at what led to the largest and longest protests of its kind. When everyone is lying to everyone else, who is there left to tell the truth.

Part of Me Now
Documentary Short

"Part Of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer" targets the hardships and struggles those who've gone through Breast Cancer endure beyond their treatments. The film highlights a side to cancer that has yet to be focused on - the aftermath. It centers around the personal stories of individuals who will live with cancer in their bodies or as a lingering threat for the rest of their lives.

The End of the Road
Documentary Feature

Follow this real life group of American war resisters and free-spirited Canadians and Europeans, escaping conformity and comfort for greener pastures. Not only did this eclectic group of dreamers, artists and intellectuals find Lund, Canada, they accidentally found each other.

The Sultan and the Saint
Documentary Feature

The Sultan and the Saint tells one of the great, lost stories from history. Set in a past period of East-West conflict, it speaks with urgency to our present. Two men of faith, one an itinerant Christian preacher, the other the ruler of a Muslim Empire, bucked a century of war, distrust, and insidious propaganda in a search for mutual respect and common ground.

Highway Rest Stop
Foreign Documentary Short

Picturing a highway rest stop in France, this documentary traces out the portrait of Europe today. Through the lives of those who work here as well as those who are just passing by, this highway rest stop in a perfect spot to see the violence carried by the free competition of a single market, the nostalgia carried by uprooted lives, and all the solitude engendered by our modern world.

Drama Short

While struggling with mental health, Jamie learns that life could be so much more.

The Avant-Gardener
Experimental Short

Inspired by the music of Lindsay Katt, The Avant-Gardener follows the colorful life of an artist discovering her voice. As she learns from the mistakes of her parents, she struggles to find the balance between self-expression, commitment to her lovers, and the intense drive to further her creative passion. We follow her journey as she delves deep into her subconscious, an often terrifying place, to find the answers she seeks.

Drama-Comedy Short

When a woman finds out her mother was just placed in a nursing home by her brother, her birthday celebration goes beyond her own expectations.

Demons Don't Knock
Horror Feature

After a car crash in which her friend was killed, Natasha struggles with a rare seizure disorder. Finding it difficult to decipher fact from fiction, she seeks help from a neurologist who turns out to be more than he first appears.

Screening room C

Time and Name


A Godly Manner
Crime-Drama Short

‘A Godly Manner’ is a neo-noir film that dramatically intertwines the old and new elements of this classic genre. When morose doctor, Jacob Holloway (Steven Foote), unthinkingly falls for his mysterious patient, Alice White (Elisabeth Rayle), he will get more than he bargained for in their unconventional relationship, as he slowly discovers that she is not all who she appears to be.

Beware the Rocket: Scar
Animation Short

The Scar, about a young boy in search of his sister in outer space.

Lux in Tenebris
Drama Feature

The life of Annabelina and Tedandra, two sisters trapped inside the dark world of childhood nightmares and life's challenges. *Mature*

Comedy Block 1

-Party Tricks, Student Comedy Short

-Beer Run, Comedy Short
A trip to the supermarket turns into something a little more for two long time friends...

-Carcass, Drama-Comedy Short
Eli have been depressed for a long time. He thinks the only way out is by suicide, be every time he tries to do it, he fails. Eli decides to hire a hit man to make his job easier. Carcass is a dark comedy that talks about serious issues in comedic approach.

-Melting Pot, Romantic Comedy Short
When a widower falls in love with a younger woman, the only thing standing in the way of true happiness is a loving family.

-High Road, Web Episode
A washed up rockstar making waves for his famous sister, is kicked out of London and sent to New Zealand to see his long lost daughter. He is more than New Zealand can handle.

All the Wrong Friends
Suspense-Thriller Feature

A group of high school friends reunite for a road trip a year after graduating but find their relationships have changed - and after one of them turns up dead, suspicions and accusations fly. No one is safe once everyone suspects everyone else in this twist-filled thriller.

Nowhere, Michigan
Crime-Drama Feature

David is fleeing from a murder, a pair of deadly conmen and is inadvertently toting a bag full of meth and cash with him. He ends up passing through a small, frozen, nowhere town in the heart of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

How to Survive (a Zombie Apocalypse) in Retail
TV Pilot

Following a zombie outbreak that saw their parents disappear to Africa, two brothers, Simon and Will, struggle to maintain a sense of family while living together in their parent’s house. In the immediate aftermath, Will’s girlfriend (Nicki) has moved in - but only into the room across the hall - and his best friend Kristoff (and girlfriend), as well as an old college friend (George), have taken up residence in the basement. With hostilities dwindling, corporations have urged citizens to “Keep Calm and Carry on Selling” and the house residents have all taken up retail jobs.

Drama Short

The Park Family suffers the consequences of untreated Mental Health Illness. They are thrown into chaos with the events that occurred with their son. - Inspired by a True Event

Horror Feature

As George investigates his roommate's increasingly disturbing nocturnal behavior, he suspects that his friend has become possessed by a dark entity.

On the 7th Date
Romantic-Comedy Feature

On the 7th date, Tara and Shawn find that their relationship is going nowhere. So they decide to come to terms with it and spend their last night together being their true selves and sharing what each of them really wants from another person. But as the evening unravels and things begin spiraling out of control, the two begin to realize that their ideal selves may not be who they imagined.

Silent Ring
Suspense-Thriller Short

A man who finally gives in and buys his first mobile phone finds himself haunted by a memory he can't quite recall.

Sci-Fi Short

EARTH: Home world of The Equisitrum and brothers John and Edgar Bright. Their normal lives are suddenly catapulted into a world of aliens, multiple universes and assassins, when their eccentric cousin Aria kidnaps them and forces the brothers to help find their father.

Love is Dead
Foreign Comedy Feature

Mathias Lonisse is a young entrepreneur, proud founder of "Love is Dead" a business providing a peculiar service to its costumers as it offers to take care of their break-ups for them. One day however, Mathias successful business backfire as his own mother asks him to break up with his father for her.

Outdoor "Drive-In" Screenings
Film Block Begins at 9:45pm
Moved indoors in the event of rain

Time and Name


Short Foreign Horror

Do you know the feeling when you look in the mirror, but something else seems to look back?

Creatures of Whitechapel
Short Horror

Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of London, searching for the perfect victims to help Dr. Frankenstein, her master, bring his Creation to life. However, rumors of Frankenstein’s nighttime activities are brewing, and Jack, revealed to be Igor, is tasked with one last foray into the bowels of Victorian London to find the last piece needed to bring Frankenstein’s mad vision to life. A deadly love triangle is sparked between the titular characters, and the image of the legends will forever be changed. But what is life without love?

Wish You Were Here
Short Sci-Fi

Teleportation has replaced all other forms of travel in the U.S. For most everyone, it has been a welcome innovation. However, a rare condition limits Bennett’s ability to teleport. Feeling isolated and alone, he starts a long-distance relationship with the one who got away.

Born Again
Short Horror-Comedy

When a group of bumbling Satanists has their summoning ceremony go terribly right, they're left to face the decidedly holy shit consequences.

New York 2150
Sci-Fi TV Pilot

Intergalactic bounty hunter Jayden Jaxon partners with ex-cop Mac Cole to track down a psychotic killer for a generous fee. When their search brings Jayden back to his hometown, the ghosts of his past haunt every corner of New Manhattan.

Short Suspense-Thriller

A young woman awakens in the woods, alone and covered in blood, with no memory of how she got there.

Sunday, August 13th

Screening room A

Time and Name


The Blood
Foreign Drama Feature

Raktham (English: The Blood) is an Indian film in Telugu (2017), inspired by the French philosopher and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Albert Camus ’ 1949 play ‘ Les Justes ’ which
traced its characters from actual assassins who lived and confronted their inner demons, as documented by Boris Savinkov in his ‘Memoirs of a Terrorist’ (1931). The film is directed by Rajesh Touchriver and produced by Social Activist Sunitha Krishnan.

Drama Feature

It’s a small world and all our humanly problems are deeply rooted in one simple word, “Love.” From love comes hatred and betrayal. The story begins with a family’s betrayal of one another. But it doesn’t end there. As new characters are introduced, we find that each ones story is connected somehow, with the other. Hence, triangles can be stable or unstable depending on their bases. The tension and confusion create the conflict between the actors and their stories.

Music Block

-Behind Closed Doors
Societal norms and expectations are explored in this music video by
Whitney Ann Jenkins on the journey to accepting that love it love.

-A Loaded Gun
This is a song about gun violence and a plea for change.

-Kerosene Stars: Talk Talk

A man and his wife retreat to find themselves, but how much will they find?

-Ninevah's Burning
The song ‘Nineveh’s Burning’ is about a historical irony surrounding the preservation of humanity’s oldest story, The Epic of Gilgamesh.

-Guitar Pickin Chicken

-Top 6 Film Score Entries

Drama Short

Can a mother forgive her son’s murderer?  Can a murderer repent, after having killed a child?  What do we feel, when we meet a monster?  In a Federal Penitentiary in Kentucky, with a priest acting as an intermediary, Victoria meets Billy, who ten years earlier killed her son after having abused him. Billy was sentenced to death for this crime, and in a few days he’ll enter the gas chamber.  In a fierce confrontation, a mother’s instinct and a dying man’s remorse will try to answer questions that have no answer.  The Hyena, after all, is in all of us.

The Man Who Discovered Capitalism
Documentary Short

THE MAN WHO DISCOVERED CAPITALISM tells the extraordinary story of the man who discovered how capitalism really works: Joseph Schumpeter. For decades, he was all but forgotten - until the digital revolution gave new attention to Schumpeter's theory of creative destruction. The film intertwines the story of Schumpeter’s tumultuous life with the story of the digital revolution to show why today Schumpeter’s ideas matter more than ever.

Screening room B

Time and Name


Experimental Short

When a mysterious package arrives at the home of an anonymous man, it leads to a series of reflections and premonitions about his life. Incorporating dance and puppetry, this experimental film explores the frustrations of unrealized ambition and the pleasures of strange partnerships and the creative endeavor.

Drama Film Block #2

-A Funny Man, Drama Short
A man finds himself in the unlikeliest of conversations with an overeager life insurance telemarketer after being placed on hold by the suicide hotline.

-The Boy by the Sea, Foreign Drama Short
The story of an unlikely friendship. A young boy sitting by the sea, watching the stones he throws disappear beneath the surface. An old lighthouse keeper. A different truth beyond the water.

-7 Years of Darkness, Documentary
A man struck with adult blindness fights to regain his independence through a dangerous retina surgery.

Foreign TV Pilot

Modern-day France. Following the outbreak of an unprecedented epidemic, five survivors have been barricaded in an apartment for several months.

Sci-Fi Feature

A hermit farmer discovers his late father's secret journal containing plans to a magnetic powered machine that could change the world, while unexpectedly becoming custodian of his gifted 6 year old nephew, after his mom's untimely death

Holy Hustle
Comedy Feature

A quick-witted con artist, Jacob McGee (Jack Shepherd BET's Comic View, HBO's Def Comedy Jam), and his straight-laced brother, Cain (Micah Robinson Jacked Up, Profiled), on the run from gangsters, scheme their way into pastoring a down-trodden rural church to hideaway, while hustling the saints to scrape up the loot they owe. Unbeknownst to Cain, who has become smitten by the adorable church secretary, Hope Warren (Gloria Darrington WE tv's Bridezillas and Marriage Boot Camp), Jacob has other plans for the money.

Tainted (Horror Short)
No Filter (Comedy Short)

A a non-competitive team, J-Crew participates in the Cleveland 48hr Film Project to challenge ourselves to become better filmmaker, alternating everyone's role every 2 film competitions. For the past 5 competitions (Summer and Horror), J-Crew has been able to deliver professional films made by numerous directors and teams. In addition, we have been the first to turn ours in! In additional the typical 48hr requirement (line, character and prop).  The J-Crew also impose our own challenges, from one take wonder to certain type of props and gears. For 2017 Summer 48Hr, directed by Ron George, we imposed a challenge that not only the team delivered, but broke our own record in turning it in earlier than before!

In Tainted, Kyle awakens in a killer's basement filled with corpses, but he soon finds the killer has a fate planned for him that is far worse than death.

In No Filter, t
hings are not always what they seem on the outside ....everyone hides behind their own filter.

Screening room C

Time and Name


Reclaiming the Landscape
Documentary Short

A landscaper by the name of Thomas Jackson faces 30 violations from the City of Toledo for attempting to do urban agriculture on his properties, but he has the support of many neighbors, the Green Party, and several key political figures.

Desert Around Me
Documentary Feature

Five elite athletes run the Marathon des Sables, a 156 mile ultramarathon across the Sahara desert, in order to raise ADHD awareness

The 5 Year
Drama-Comedy Feature

7 friends spend a weekend together 5 years after their graduation only to learn that, without each other, their lives are falling apart.

Comedy Block #2

-Ticket Like a Man, Comedy Short
An insecure parking officer feels too guilty to successfully issue parking tickets. Starring Arden Myrin (SHAMELESS/MADTV/CHELSEA LATELY) and Ryan Powers.

-Miss Matched, Romantic Comedy Short
After seeing a matchmaking commercial on tv, a couple decides to test their relationship by dating other people.

-SAM the VAMP, Horror-Comedy Short
Sam the Vamp, follows the life of a very old vampire who over the past few centuries has fallen into depression. Through a support group he tries to find a solution to the vampires' obsession with blood. Let's face it, killing isn't what it used to be.

-Swipe Left, Drama-Comedy Short
Tinder meets The Hunger Games when a group of singles download a new dating app.

I Am Still Here
Drama Feature

Layla is ten years old, and is about to meet her new family. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Where East meets West...
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